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Richards Curtis
Rajasingam Jeyandran
Aug 17, 2015
Members . Please note that due to Ellesmere #1 ground not available on Sunday August 30th, 2015. The following games has been change on the schedule. Game #17, Highland Creek CC "A" vs Durham CC Schedule to Play on Sunday August 30th, 2015 at L'amoreaux will now play on Saturday August 29th, 2015 at Ashtonbee #1 Ground. Game #55 Bawa CC "A" vs Scarborough CC schedule to Play on Sunday August 30th, 2015 at Ellesmere #1 Ground will now play at L'amoreaux ground on the same day. Thank You.
Jul 29, 2015
Dear Member Clubs,   Please note that the penalty is -3 points for not completing your online score entry. It is your responsibility to enter the full scores. Penalty points have been been applied to several teams.
Jul 28, 2015
Members. Please note that the following games has been changed on the Schedule.  Game # 79 . Toronto Smashers CC vs Kokuvil CC schedule to play on August 30th at Ashtonbee # 1. This game will now play on Aug 2nd 2015 at Ashtonbee # 1 ground.. Game # 38. Scarborough CC vs  Ambassador CC schedule to Play on August 01st, 2015. This game will now play on August 15th,2015 at Ashtonbee #3 Pitch.   Game #40.  Kokuvil CC vs  Ambassador CC schedule to play August 02nd, 2015 at Ashtonbee #1 ground. This game will now play on August 30th, 2015 at Ashtonbee # 3 ground.   Game #26. TP Tigers CC vs Toronto Smashers CC schedule to Play on July 18th, 2015. This game will now play on August 08th, 2015 at Terry Fox Ground.   Thank You.  
Jun 26, 2015
Members. Please note that the following games has been changed on the Schedule.  Game # 243 . Cedarbrae CC vs CP Titans schedule to play on August 02nd at Ashtonbee # 3. This game will now play on July 04th, 2015  at Ellesmere # 1 ground.. Game # 244 .. CP Titans vs  Armors. Schedule to Play on July 4th, 2015. This game will now play on August 02nd, at Ashtonbee #3 Pitch.     Thank You.
Jun 18, 2015
Members.  Please note that game # 195 Bangla Warriors vs Kaietuer Int Sports Club schedule to play on Sunday June 21st, 2015 at Terry Fox, will now play at Ashtonbee # 3 ground on the same date and time. Game # 254 Islanders Sports Club vs Toronto Lions CC schedule to play on Saturday June 20th, 2015, this game has been cancelled . Thank You.
Jun 09, 2015
 Members.  Please note that the following Games have been Re Locate and Re Schedule. 1). Game # 84.  Ambassador CC vs Toronto Smashers schedule to play on June 13th, 2015  at Terry Fox, this game will now play at Ashtonbee # 1  Ground on the same date. 2). Game # 96.   Ambassador CC vs Durham United CC schedule to play on June 14th, 2015 at Terry Fox, this game will now play at Ashtonbee # 2 ground on the same date. 3). Game # 218. Bangla Warriors vs Royal Stallions schedule to play on June 28th, 2015 at Ashtonbee # 2 ground will now play on June 13th, 2015 at Ashtonbee # 2  Ground. 4) . Game # 215. Cedarbrae CC vs SCA Colts schedule to play on June 28th, 2015. at Ashtonbee #3 ground will now play on June 14th, 2015 at Ashtonbee # 3 ground. Thank you for your Co operation.  
Jun 05, 2015
Members  Due to the Construction at Terry Fox Cricket Ground, the following games have been re schedule. 1. Game #119 ...  Star Cricket Club  vs Tiranga , Schedule to Play on Saturday June 6th, at Terry Fox.  This game will now Play at Ashtonbee # 2. Same day same time. 2. Game # 225 ... Cedarbrae CC vs Bangla Warriors CC. moved from Terry Fox to Ellesmere # 2. Same Date.      Thank You.  
May 26, 2015
Members.  On Saturday May 23rd, 2015, two (2) set of Cricket Stumps left on the Pitch at L'amoreaux, after the Junior game.  Kindly return the Stumps to any Executuve. These Stumps are for the Juniors. Thank You SCA Executive
May 15, 2015
Dear Members,   This is to inform you that EAST WEST C.C. has decided to withdraw their participation for the 2015 cricket season. As such, we are asking for your support as we make the necessary changes to the schedule. This will affect the Premier and First Division. Teams affected will be contacted directly.   Due to the disruption caused by East West C.C., the SCA has imposed a penalty for players seeking a transfer from East West to another club. This is to recover outstanding costs from fees and fines. Each player is required to pay $50 to be released from East West. This must be fully paid to the Chief Financial Officer before the transfer.
May 15, 2015
Executives East West Cricket Club.    Your abrupt decision not to fulfill your club's obligation to participate in the 2015 season after the schedule has been prepared will result in tireless work for the League's Executives throughout the coming season.     To compensate for this the Executives have instituted a $700.00 administrative fee (Inclusive 2014 A/R) on your club and members.  This is a one time penalty and none of your club's players will be transferred to another club in the SCA unless the player contributes $50.00 towards this penalty.     I hope you understand the seriousness of your club's violation.  This is a final decision made by the Executive Board.  Failure to abide by this will affect your club's re-admittance to the SCA in the future.     Best regards.  SCA Executives.
May 15, 2015
Members.  Please note that due to Permit Issue, games that are schedule to play on Monday May 18th, 2015 at Ellesmere 1 and 2 and Terry Fox ground will start at 11.00am and finish at 6.00 pm .( 11.00am to 2.20 pm, first inning. 2.40 pm to 6.00 pm, second inning). Games at Ashtonbee 1,2,and 3 and L'amoreaux ground will start at 1.00pm. Thank you .
May 12, 2015
Members.  The 2015 Regular Season 50 Overs Schedule has now been posted online. There are still some modification to be done. Affected Clubs will be notifly. Thanks.
May 12, 2015
Dear Members,   We thank you for all of your communication leading up to the start of our 2015 Season. We are delighted to see such excitement as we do look forward to having a fantastic season of cricket. Please note that due to inclement weather conditions, work has not been completed at Terry Fox to install the new Astra Turf wicket. As such, Home teams that are playing at Terry Fox to start the season will have to put down their matting until further update. We appreciate your co-operation as we look to get it completed.   Secondly, all games that are being played at Terry Fox and Ellesmere grounds on Mondays throughout the season will hav special playing times. Games on Monday will start at 11am and end at 6pm.   In closing, all clubs are requested to submit an address, email and telephone number for their club as well as updated contact information. Each club must have a maximum of 35 active players on their roster. Clubs with two teams are allowed to have 50 players. New and existing registered players must have their correct address, date of birth and telephone number as well as the correct spelling of their names.   Clubs and players failing to meet the above suitability criteria, will be penalized by loss of points. Thank you for your continuous support and co-operation. Let the 2015 Games Begin!
May 05, 2015
Members. The 2015 schedule for the Junior Under 13, Under 16 and the Women Division has been posted. There are still some changes and modifications to be made. Affected Clubs will be notified. Thank You.   Vish Jadunauth.
Apr 18, 2015
Hi there, I'm disappointed to learn that there are MANY sport groups using our fields before they are scheduled to be open. While I realize the weather is very nice lately, the conditions of the fields are not ready yet for the wear and tear of the sports that are played on them, and thus by using them before the scheduled time, you risk ruining the turf that Parks staff have worked hard to prepare for your upcoming season. I ask all of you to communicate to your teams they are NOT to be played on at all until the following: May 1 - Baseball Diamonds May 10 - Sportfields If there are any groups that are caught using the fields before these times, you will be fined by Bylaw. I ask you all to respect the timelines set out by Parks staff to ensure the conditions of the fields are kept in top condition for the upcoming season. Respectfully, Tammy Tammy Thomas Permit Officer Scarborough District - Central Region - McGregor, Centennial and Heron Park Arenas Parks, Forestry & Recreation Phone: (416) 338-3299  Fax: (416) 396-4341 For available ice times go to http://efun.toronto.ca/torontofun/Facilities/FacilitiesSearchWizard.asp (416) 338-3299 Call Send SMS Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype
Level: Local, Tournament: 2015 Regular Season, Round: Preliminary,