Feb 28, 2016
  SCA GENERAL MEETING - FEB 28, 2016   Please note, our next general meeting will be held on 28th Feb 2016 at Agincourt Community Center starting at 1pm sharp. As stated at the AGM,an initial registration payment and completed form is due at this meeting for the 2016 season and will be accepted on a first come basis.
SCA AGM Update
Jan 25, 2016
The SCA AGM was a great turnout and a lot of exciting things happening in the upcoming 2016 Season. SCA Elections Update President Shiv Persaud Vice President   Bisham Singh CFO/Treasurer Vish Jadunauth Registrar/Statistician Abigail Rajkumar Public Relations Officer/Marketing Richard Ramlal Secratary Eon Gunraj Grounds Coordinator Deo Samaroo Assistant Secratary/Webmaster Mohammed Ahmed Assistant Grounds Coordinator Mathew Francis
Dec 30, 2015
SCA - AGM  Jan 24, 2016   The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for January 24, 2016. The Membership is requested to attend and represent their respective club at the AGM.   The upcoming 2016 season will be very demanding -  update on cricket grounds, New Clubs registration, Season Fees and Deadlines, President & CFO reports, Scoresheets and umpire feedback/seminars, Womens and Junior division are a few topics on the Agenda.    Date:  January 24, 2016 Registration: 12:30 PM AGM: 1:00 PM Sharp. Venue: Agincourt Community Centre . 31 Glen Watford Drive , Scarborough, On. ( North of Sheppard, between Brimley Rd and Midland Ave).   Please arrive ahead of meeting time for Early Bird Registration.    " Roberts Rules of Order " will be in Effect... please visit http://www.robertsrules.org/ to refresh ourselves.        MJA WEBMASTER  
Dec 08, 2015
      To all SCA cricketers, Victoria Park CC will be hosting an indoor cricket tournament on Dec.19 ,2015 at the MALVERN COMMUNITY CENTRE. All SCA  Cricketers are invited to participate. Time 8.30 am to 6.00pm. For all information on format of games, etc. Please Call SHALISH PATEL  AT 416-688-9946 .416-688-9946 Call Send SMS Call from mobile Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype
Nov 18, 2015
Members.  The Association Annual Presentation of Trophies, Awards and Dinner will be held on Saturday November 28th, 2015 starting from 6 PM. at Eastown Banquet Hall, 2648 Eglinton Ave Est ( Brimley & Eglinton).    Foods serve are MHA. Club Contact for the Following Clubs,  Kindly contact Vish via E mail ( vish2@aol.com) regards to your Club Complimentary tickets and Mailing address. List of Clubs ----  1) TP Tigers CC. 2).Deccan Hawk 3 ) Knightly CC   Thank You.
Oct 07, 2015
Congratulations to Hawaiian Arctic Cricket Club who won their sixth straight Premier Division Championship, SCA Colts their second straight Division Two Championship and Islanders Cricket Club for winning the Division One Championship.   Congratulations to all Conference and Division Champions!!!!   Premiere Divs: Conference 1 Champion --- Highland Creek CC ‘A’.                            Conference 2 Champion --- Bawa CC ‘A’.   First Divs:         Conference 1 Champion ---  Bawa CC ‘B’.                            Conference 2 Champion ---- Bilal  CC.   Second Divs Regular Season Champion --- Bangla Warriors CC
Sep 28, 2015
Members.  Please note that the  Playoff Final Schedule for all Divisions is now posted on Line.   All Division Finals will Play on Saturday October 03rd 2015, at Ashtonbee. Premier at #1, First Divs at #2 and Second Divs at #3.  For the Finals, the home team will  set up the  Stumps and Boundary Markers. The away team will pick up the Stumps and Boundary Markers. Any team Failing to Pick up the Stumps and Boundary Markers after the Game is over will be fined $100.00.  Good Luck to all. Thank You.
Sep 22, 2015
Good Morning All,   Please note,our 2015 regular season has now completed,and as we get ready for the play-offs starting this coming Sat(26th) ,the teams participating are asked to submit their playoff roster on THURS 24TH at Ashtonbee building @6:30pm sharp.   As you know there is a minimum 4 games criteria for participation,please extract this information from the match sheet entered on line and list the game number beside the player's names. Note that games that were called off by the league  does not count as part of the criteria .Only game cards submitted to the umpire at the ground are valid.   *** Please have two copies of this list for the meeting and note that falsify info will automatically dis-qualify teams from or during the play-offs.   Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.   Best Regards, Eon Gunraj SCA
Sep 20, 2015
Congratulations to SCA 2015 Women Divs Playoff Champion.         Superstar Women Cricket Club. __________________________________________________________ Congratulations to SCA 2015 Junior Playoff Champions.          U13 Playoff Champion ….. Scarborough Cricket Association.          U16 Playoff Champion ….. Toronto Cricket Academy .
Sep 14, 2015
Members. Please note that the following games has been Re Schedule.  Game # 209 . Royal Stallion CC vs SCA Colts schedule to play on September 20th,2015 at Ellesmere #2. This game will now play on Saturday September 19th, 2015  at Ashtonbee # 2 ground.. Game # 262 .. Kaieteur Int CC vs  SCA Colts. Will play on September 20th, 2015 at Ellesmere #2.     Thank You.
Sep 14, 2015
    SCA PLAY - OFFS  STRUCTURE Round DATE HOME TEAM VISITOR GROUND GROUP Quarter Final Sept 26th Premier Conf "A" 1 Premier Conf "A" 4 AB 1 1 Quarter Final Sept 26th Premier Conf "A" 2 Premier Conf "A" 3 L'am 2 Quarter Final Sept 26th Premier Conf "B" 1 Premier Conf "B" 4 AB 2 3 Quarter Final Sept 26th Premier Conf "B" 2 Premier Conf "B" 3 ELL 1 4 Sept 26th 1st Divs Conf"A" 1 Bye 5 Sept 26th 1st Divs Conf"B" 1 Bye 6 Quater Final Sept 26th 1st Divs Conf"A" 2 1st Divs Conf"A" 3 AB 3 7 Quater Final Sept 26th 1st Divs Conf"B" 2 1st Divs Conf"B" 3 Terry Fox 8 Semi Final Sept 26th 2nd Divs # 1 2nd Divs # 4 ELL 2 9 Semi Final Sept 27th 2nd Divs # 2 2nd Divs # 3 AB 3 10 Semi Final Sept 27th Prem Winner Group 1 Prem Winner Group 2 AB 2 A Semi Final Sept 27th Prem Winner Group 3 Prem Winner Group 4 AB 1 B Semi Final Sept 27th 1St Divs  Group 5 1St Divs Winner Grp7 L'am  C Semi Final Sept 27th 1St Divs  Group 6 1st Divs Winner Grp 8 Ell 2 D Final Oct 03rd Prem Winner Group A Prem Winner Group B AB 1 Final Oct 03rd 1St Divs Winner Grp C 1St Divs Winner Grp D AB 2 Final Oct 03rd 2nd Divs Winner Grp9 2nd Divs Winner Grp10 AB 3 Final Oct 04th Rain Day Rain Day     Important - Player Qualification - A player must have played 4 Regular Season games to be eligible to play the Playoffs. All games called off by the League(WASHOUT) due to inclement weather cannot constitute eligible for qualifications. Please refer to Playing rules for clarification regarding WASHOUT and RAINOUT games. - All PLayoffs games start at 12:00 noon and All FINALs start at 11:30 AM. - 2 Official Umpires assigned for all Playoffs and Finals. - The above schedule is Full and Final and the SCA will not entertain any further changes or rescheduling of the games. - The playoffs format is Premier : Top 4 teams from each Conference. 1st Division : Top 3 teams from each Conference. 2nd Division : Top 4 teams from the Division. - All Playoffs games will be available Online and assigned game #s by next week once all regular season games match cards are received.
Sep 13, 2015
Please note all games for today Sept 13th, 2015 have been called off due to weather condition.
Sep 02, 2015
Members. All Games in the Month of September at Ashtonbee, L'am, and Ellesmere  start at 12.30 Pm ( Toss is 12.15 Pm) . Games at Terry Fox Ground will start as soon as the Soccer Group Vacate the Field. Teams are ask to be there for a 12.30 pm Start. The Umpire will adjust the the Time for both teams accordingly. Lunch Break will be taken between inning and will only be for 10 mins. There will be no claiming of Toss for Wicket preparation at Terry Fox Ground.    Thank You.
Aug 17, 2015
Members . Please note that due to Ellesmere #1 ground not available on Sunday August 30th, 2015. The following games has been change on the schedule. Game #17, Highland Creek CC "A" vs Durham CC Schedule to Play on Sunday August 30th, 2015 at L'amoreaux will now play on Saturday August 29th, 2015 at Ashtonbee #1 Ground. Game #55 Bawa CC "A" vs Scarborough CC schedule to Play on Sunday August 30th, 2015 at Ellesmere #1 Ground will now play at L'amoreaux ground on the same day. Thank You.
Jul 28, 2015
Members. Please note that the following games has been changed on the Schedule.  Game # 79 . Toronto Smashers CC vs Kokuvil CC schedule to play on August 30th at Ashtonbee # 1. This game will now play on Aug 2nd 2015 at Ashtonbee # 1 ground.. Game # 38. Scarborough CC vs  Ambassador CC schedule to Play on August 01st, 2015. This game will now play on August 15th,2015 at Ashtonbee #3 Pitch.   Game #40.  Kokuvil CC vs  Ambassador CC schedule to play August 02nd, 2015 at Ashtonbee #1 ground. This game will now play on August 30th, 2015 at Ashtonbee # 3 ground.   Game #26. TP Tigers CC vs Toronto Smashers CC schedule to Play on July 18th, 2015. This game will now play on August 08th, 2015 at Terry Fox Ground.   Thank You.  
Level: Local, Tournament: 2015 Regular Season, Round: Preliminary,