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Dec 08, 2014
Members. The Executives of the SCA are pleased to announce that a Women's Cricket Division will be added to the League's 2015 Season. All Games will be 20 Overs and will be played at Ashtonbee and L'amoreaux Cricket Grounds. These Grounds have full Washroom Facilities, which will be a definite plus for the women . Anyone interested in playing, kindly contact any of the Executives via E mail. All address can be found on the Website. Thank You .  Vish Jadunauth .
Oct 23, 2014
Members. The Executives of the SCA would like to thank each and everyone who attended the Association's 34th Annual Presentation Awards.It was a great success which was due to the fact that we had such a good turn out.  
Oct 17, 2014
Members .  The Executives is looing forward to seeing you at The Eastown Banquet Hall, 2648 Eglinton Ave East.  On Sunday October 19th, 2014. starting at 5.00 PM. to Celebrate yet another good year of Cricket. Lot of our Members ( Snr & Junior) will be awarded with Trophies but this ocassion is also more of a Celebration for all the members.     Let us all be proud, Join us in our Celebration, it is our 34th Annual Presentation Awards and Dinner. Thank You .
Oct 13, 2014
Congratulations to all Playoff, Conference and Divs Champions and Finalists!!!! Premiere Divs Conference 1 Champion --- Victoria Park CC.                      Conference 2 Champion --- Hawaiian Arctic CC. Premiere Divs Playoff Champion --- Hawaiian Arctic CC.                                    Finalist --- East West CC. First Divs Conference 1 Champion ---  Ambassador CC.               Conference 2 Champion ---- Highland Creek CC "B" . First Divs Playoff Champion  ---- Toronto Smashers CC.                          Finalist   ------  Bilal CC . Second Divs Regular Season Champion --- Scarborough /Star CC "B". Second Divs Playoff Champion --- SCA Colts.                                                         Scarborough/Star CC "B"
Oct 07, 2014
Dear Membership Clubs,                                          Hope all is well with you.Please note as we've now completed our outdoor season,in preparation for the annual presentation on the 19th Oct,I am asking you to please send in the info ( the game #, 100 scored runs,hat trick and six wicket haul) for your player individual awards in the 50 over competition.The T20 criteria is 75 runs and or 5 wicket haul.This info is to support what Shiv Persaud have already exported from the SCA website. As you may have known,some clubs were not entering the game info and therefore your player may have been missed.So please send this info ASAP or your outstanding player performance will not be recognised at the presentation awards night. We will also be recognising all juniors that played 5 games and over  and or scored 75 runs and or 5 wicket haul with your club that night, please send in their name/s asap too who have met that criteria.   Thanks and look forward to your responses, Eon Gunraj SCA Secretary
Oct 02, 2014
Members.     Please note that the T20 Tournament for this weekend have been cancel. This is due to poor response from teams, the celebration of Eid  and permit issues. Thank you.
Sep 30, 2014
Dear Membership Clubs,                                          Please note the T20 competitions is schedule to continue and possibly conclude this weekend pending your responses as to your interest and willingness to participate.Please respond by 6.00 PM on Wednesday, Oct 01st, 2014, so we can schedule the games accordingly, no response would be considered to be negative and not interested to play in the competition. Can contact any of the SCA executives with your answer or questions as well regarding. Thanks, Eon Gunraj SCA Secretary
Sep 29, 2014
Members . The Second Division Playoff Final between SCC/Star "B" CC and SCA Colts  is schedule to play on Saturday October 4th, 2014. at Ashtonbee # 1 Ground at 11.30 am . SCC/Star "B"CC will prepare the Wicket and put the boundary markers down. SCA Colts will pick up the Boundary Markers and the Wicket Stumps at the end of the game. The T20 Tournament will continue on Saturday Oct 4th, and Sunday Oct 5th, All Teams that are still  insterested in playing. kindly contact Vish via E mail at vish2@aol.com or Deo at deosamaroo@gmail.com ( no Phone call ) no later than 6 PM on Wednesday Oct 01, 2014. Any team that confirmed that they are playing and does not show up will be fined $ 200.00. Thank You.
Sep 24, 2014
Members.  Please note that the Semi Finals Playoff Schedule is now posted on Line. All Semi Finals Games will Play on Saturday September 27th, 2014.  All Division Finals will Play on Sunday September 28th. 2014. at Ashtonbee. Premere at #1, First Divs at #2 and Third Divs at #3. For all Semi Finals, Teams with the Highest points will be the home Team . For the Finals, Teams with the Highest Points will  set up the  Stumps and Boundary Markers. Team with the Lowest Points will pick up the Stumps and Boundary Markers. In the FINALS, any team Failing to Pick up the Stumps and Boundary Markers after the Game is over will be fined $100.00. Good Luck to all. Thank You.
Sep 18, 2014
Dear Member Clubs,                                   Please note the play-offs starts this weekend.As a reminder, to check the website for your game and location.The toss is at 11:45am  and please abide by the playing rules as outlined especially the 4 games criteria and clubs with two teams participating.Also,players should have a government picture i.d at their access if needed. Shiv Persaud will be working on the match cards to finalized the qualification list if needed. Any questions regarding,please contact one of the executives (Deo Samaroo is currently not available) by Thurs night. Best regards and good luck to all teams in the playoffs. Eon Gunraj SCA secretary 
Sep 16, 2014
Members. Please note that the First Round Playoffs schedule is now posted on Line. All Semi Finals will be Played on Sunday September 21st, 2014. All three Divs Playoff Finals will play on Saturday September 27th, 2014. Please see below for Ground Allocation for all Semi Finals and Finals. Premiere Divs. Conference "A"  Semi Final will play at Ashtonbee # 2 Conference "B'  Semi Final will play at  Ellesmere # 1 First Divs. Conference "A" Semi Final will play at L'amoreaux Ground. Conference "B"  Semi Final will play at Ashtonbee #1 Ground. Premiere Divs Final will Play at Ashtonbee #1 Ground . First Divs Final will play at Ashtonbee # 2 Ground . Second Divs Final will play at Ashtonbee # 3 Ground . Any Club or Player that have Outstanding Fees ( Umpire , Registration, Ball  or Fine) for the League will not be allowed to play in the Playoff. All Semi Finals Game  start at 12"0" Clock. Good Luck to all the Teams. Thank You.
Sep 10, 2014
Members. Please see below the 2014 Playoff Structure and ground allocation. Ground allocation was done by a draw. The draw was done at the last Executive Meeting which was held on Saturday September 6th, 2014. Premiere and first Division playoff will start on Saturday September 20th, 2014. Second Division Playoff will start on Sunday September 21st, 2014. Premiere Division. Top 4 Teams from each Conference qualify. Conference ” A”. A1 vs A4 --  Ellesmere # 2. A2 vs A3 – Ashtonbee # 2. Conference  “B”. B1 vs B4 --- Ashtonbee # 1. B2 vs B3 – L’amoreaux. First Division . Top 3 Teams from each Conference qualify.  A1 and B1 go STRAIGHT to SEMI FINALS. ... Conference “A” A2 vs A3. ---- Ellesmere #1. Conference “B”. B2 vs B3 -- -- Ashtonbee # 3. Second Division. 1 vs 4 ---- Ashtonbee  # 3. 2 vs 3 --- Ellesmere # 2.   Thank You.
Sep 10, 2014
Members .. Game # 100  Knightly CC vs Bawa"B"  schedule to play at Terry Fox ground on Saturday September 13th, will now play at Ashtonbee # 1 Ground, on the same date. Game # 74  Hawaiian Arctic CC vs Toronto Cricketer CC schedule to play at Terry Fox Ground on Sunday September 14th, will now play at Ellesmere # 2 Ground, on the same date. All Games start at 12.30 PM.  Thank You.
Sep 03, 2014
Members. All Games in the Month of September at Ashtonbee, L'am, and Ellesmere  start at 12.30 Pm ( Toss is 12.15 Pm) . Games at Terry Fox Ground will start as soon as the Soccer Group Vacate the Field. The Umpire will adjust the the Time for both teams accordingly. Lunch Break will be taken between inning and will only be for 10 mins. There will be no claiming of Toss for Wicket preparation at Terry Fox Ground.    Thank You.  
Aug 31, 2014
Members.   Effective immediately Technie X1 CC has been suspended from the League, for the following reasons:- 1)      They are not in good Financial standing with the League. 2)      They have Forfeited too many games. For the remainder of the season, any team forteited  their game without giving the League minimum 72 hours’ notice  prior to their game will be fined $100.00, this is to offset the cost for Permit fees. Scarborough CC/ Star CC  will play Caribbean Strikers  on Sunday September 07th, 2014 at Terry Fox Ground. Hawaiaan Arctic CC will play Toronto Cricketer CC on Sunday September 14th, 2014. at Terry Fox Ground.  Schedule on the Website will be updated accordingly . Playoffs will start on Saturday September 20th, 2014. All 8 first round games will play on that day. T20 Tournament will continue after all playoff games are finished. The League Presentation will be held on Sunday October 19th, 2014.   Thank you.
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