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Updating Scores and Player Registration

Abhinav Kavuru (abhinavkavuru)

Updating Scores and Player Registration

Dear Member,

To update scores:
Go to Matches and select schedule, select competition in the change series menu, and then select you team in the change team menu. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find past matches. 

Tutorials on how to update scores for a completed game can be found here

Turorials on live scoring can be found here

For existing players :
Go to players - Players Search and search for their first name.
From results click on their player name and to visit player profile.
On player profile just below their name, they will find option to "Claim profile"
Please claim profile by providing details.
Update profile instructions  are available here

For new players playing first time in league :
Click on "Register" top right corner in menu and register as player.
Tutorial is availavle here. You will be able to use your account once approved by the league exec.

For 2017 teams :
Please update teams and assign captains to them. After that Captain/Vice Captains can update rosters and add players to the team for the season.

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nitin shangari:  Scorecard has the scores but they are not updating on the players profile any reason why is that happening Please advise Thanks