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US Youth OpenTournament

12/14/2018POSTED BY Abhinav Kavuru

US Youth OpenTournament

The Executives and Members of the SCA would like to congratulate Vish Jadunauth for his appointment as Cricket Ontario team manager and the following Junior Players from SCA for their selection to represent Cricket Ontario at the US YOUTH OPEN TOURNAMENT In Fort Lauderdale, Florida from December 15th to 17th. 

1) Raquib Shamsudeen - Kaieteur Int CC.
2) Arjuna Sukhu ----------- Kaieteur Int CC.
3) Sashwat Negi ---------- BloomfieldCA/ Kaieteur Int CC
4) Varnan Naresh --------- Bloomfield CA/Ambassador CC.
5) Adjitya Pandya -------- ActionZone CA.
6) Rudra Patel ------------- ActionZone CA.
7) Mihir Patel -------------- ActionZone CA.
8) Dharsil Patel ----------- ActionZone CA.
9)  Anindya Das ---------- ActionZone CA.
10) Yasir Mahmood ----- United Cricket Academy

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